SQL Server Users Group Presentation: An Introduction to Policy-Based Management

Anthony Fourie, a Microsoft SQL Server/Sybase team leader at RDB Consulting recently had the opportunity to present a talk on the art of Policy Management. You may remember Anthony as his profile recently appeared on our blog. We heard that his presentation went remarkably well and have asked Anthony to share his experience with us:

SQL Server Users Group Presentation: An Introduction to Policy Based Management

On the second Tuesday of every month SQL Server Users (DBA, Dev, BI), get together at the Microsoft Offices in Bryanston, Johannesburg, for the Community Evening. These meetings give the community a chance to share good food, a few drinks, laughs and most importantly information.

The Johannesburg SQL Server Users Group also offers a platform for SQL Server Professionals, young and old alike, to present sessions relating to various topics in SQL Server. These can range from Introduction to T-SQL right the way through to Cloud Implementations of SQL Azure. The sessions are all presented in good spirit and are meant to expose the community members to new/unknown features and even to brush up on the already known features and aspects of SQL Server.

I was fortunate enough to be given the chance to present, and present I did. My session titled ‘Introduction to Policy-Based Management’ covered a topic that I long wondered about. Thanks to a few members of the community, namely Gail Shaw and Mark Stacey (who are awesome local role models); I decided that I would pursue presenting as not only a platform to better my public identity but more so to widen my experience and knowledge of the product I love… SQL Server.

I’m glad to report that the session went really well. I received very good feedback (and a nice little round of applause) from my fellow community members, which only adds to my respect for the Microsoft SQL Server community. I said that I would like to present in future at international events, the likes of SQLBits, and this was the first stepping stone to doing exactly that.

I would like to thank Gail Shaw and Mark Stacey for being great role models and my unofficial seniors and for helping me with good advice and constructive feedback. Lastly I have to thank my SQLPeeps (our SQL community) for all the support and help, with hard work I know I will be able to return the favour!

If anyone would like to join the Johannesburg SQL Server Users Group visit the website for all the relevant contact details and future event notifications. Any new members will be welcomed to the SQLFamily. Additionally you can contact me via email or Twitter.

Anthony Fourie

Anthony Fourie


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