Project Management Services

The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all the defined project goals and objectives while adhering to the classic constraints of scope / quality / time and budget. RDB is aware that managing projects is different from managing ongoing operations and herein lies the value; projects create a unique/new product and/or service and when well managed, concertinas time to market. These factors have driven project management to centre stage. Companies that innovate, that create and lead change, utilise project management.

We live in a world -where change and the rate of change- are constantly increasing. In order to survive and prosper, organisations need to continually modify their range of products and/or services. Projects are the means by which these innovations are effected. RDB utilises project management principles where projects are defined “as a finite endeavour with specific start and completion dates; coupled with scheduled performance metrics”.

Project Management

With RDB you are guaranteed of comprehensive DBA support for your most important systems and databases, without having to hire a fulltime DBA yourself.