Physical and Logical Database Design

Every database environment is unique. Information processing requirements across applications, databases and corporations are not ever likely to be the same. In essence one size does not fit all. OLTP, Batch, Hybrid and Data Warehouse environments have very specific processing requirements, so physical and logical database design should be centred on this, while also incorporating the high tech features modern database engines such as Oracle offer.

Importance of Proper Database Design

A well-designed database is the foundation for any successful data processing system. Poor database design can lead to data inconsistency, inaccuracies, and performance issues, which can ultimately hinder a business’s ability to operate efficiently. On the other hand, proper database design can improve data accuracy and consistency, enhance query performance, and increase system availability. Therefore, investing time and resources in suitable database design is essential to maximize the benefits of your database software investment.

Ensuring suitable database design will enable a business to achieve the maximum benefit from their database software investment.

Database Design

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