Digital transformation is becoming an important consideration for companies that wish to gain a competitive edge on their competitors.

To gain this edge, companies need to relook their strategies and processes on how they interact with their customers using technology.

Transformation means different things to different businesses, but many of our clients are concerned about their processes being outdated and are looking at ways to digitize their solutions.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation isn’t focused on a single technology, it’s a complete reinvention of business functions with a focus on the intersection of people, processes and technology. It’s about having an interconnected, digital strategy for all your products and services and understanding where you need to invest to improve your bottom line.

ISO 20000-1:2018 is the first international standard specifically aimed at IT service management. It describes an integrated set of management processes for the effective delivery of services to the business and its customers. The standard also defines a set of controls against which an organisation can be assessed for effective service management, with the aim of developing and delivering high quality technology services.

RDB Consulting is ISO 20000 certified. We know what it takes to deliver an unmatched technology service as we follow global best practices. We can get you there, too.

Align your business with world-class standards

Companies who are ISO 20000 certified are vetted on a regular basis through audits.

When you partner with us, we can help you bridge between processes and going paperless within your business by applying ISO. We can do this whether you want to be verified by the SABS as an ISO 20000-certified company or you simply want to future-proof your business without formal certification.

Some of the ways that we bring your business up to ISO 20000 standards is by identifying opportunities for improvement. We prioritise the improvements that will have the biggest impact on your business and implement supporting processes that work for your organisation and deliver pre-defined results, while helping you avoid the many pitfalls on the way.

RDB Consulting can assist your business to switch to a paperless office so that you are truly digitally transformed after the process without pushing you towards particular technologies.

At RDB, we have applied these same processes in our company and have real world experience to help other consulting companies achieve the same results.

In the case of a consulting business like ours we did the following:

Nr. Process
1 Submission of Timesheets in Electronic Format:
Calculate the hours worked
Calculate the overtime worked
Be authorised by clients for billing purposes
Be approved by management
Track consultants’ time
Be able to calculate consultant’s utilization
2 Knowledge sharing between consultant’s
3 Trouble Tickets per client:
Notify when ticket is open
Notify when ticket is closed
Calculate the duration per ticket
4 Leave:
Submit leave electronically
Approve leave electronically
Track leave days used
Calculate leave days left
5 Weekly Feedback Submission
6 Weekly Allocation of Consultants
7 Hardware Allocation
8 ABC / Weekly Meeting / To do Lists
9 Meeting Agenda’s & Minutes (Clients to have access as well)
10 Uploading of any supporting documents (Word, pdf)
11 Staff Information Spreadsheet
12 Client Interface

The above implementation has worked for us and we can make it work for other consulting businesses.

By using a variety of open source tools, we help you digitally transform your business. Whether your goal is ISO 20000 certification or improving your processes and switching to a paperless organisation, we can help you.

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