RDB Consulting has announced that it will be providing database-related services to LOGIT, a prominent provider of software engineering, R&D and consulting services based in Belgrade, Serbia. With revenues in excess of €1 million, LOGIT supplies services to companies primarily in the retail, wholesale, logistics and agriculture sectors in Europe and the Middle East.
“RDB Consulting will complement our solution offering with specialised maintenance, support, security and optimisation of our clients’ databases. It will free us to focus on our core business of software services and support,” says Milan Dobrota, MD at LOGIT. “RDB came highly recommended by our partners, and provides the missing piece of the puzzle for us as we expand our business into North America.”
RDB Consulting will provide services to LOGIT from its Johannesburg data centre. Its current client list includes MTN, the Mozambiquan Reserve Bank, Bank of Athens, Saab Grintek and Barloworld. It is an Oracle Platinum Partner, and is also a partner of Microsoft, Linux, Workgroup, Sun and Sybase.
Database outsourcing is a growing trend globally, as demonstrated by the ITWeb Database Management Survey in 2012. The survey showed that most companies (88.67%) see their database environments as operationally critical.
“Data is the new gold of the digital enterprise, and thus we are seeing a steady growth in database outsourcing as companies look to access expert skills in this critical area,” says Jaroslav Cerny, CEO of RDB Consulting. “As a South African provider of outsourced database management, RDB is very excited by the opportunity to provide services to a specialist software company in Europe, like LOGIT. This new partnership is a validation not only of the outsourcing model but also of South Africa’s ability to compete globally in database outsourcing.”

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