Local database consulting business RDB Consulting is pleased to announce it has been awarded a Level 2 BEE status.
“RDB is committed to South Africa’s agenda of transformation, the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment programme,” says Jaroslav Cerny, CEO at RDB. “BEE has an important role in uplifting the country, and bettering the lives of its citizens.”
RDB is proud of its BEE contribution and the value being added not only to its clients, but South Africa as a whole. “BEE has always been a priority for RDB,” he adds, and says the company is committed to transformation through the employee equity and procurement strategies that are integral to the running of RDB.
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“At RDB, we view training and skills development as an investment in the future of not only RDB, but the entire country.”
In fact, RDB Consulting not only invests in corporate South Africa, but has taken its transformational approach to a unique upliftment programme run by Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) gym, World of Warriors. The gym, recently rated in the top three MMA gyms in South Africa to train at, provides opportunities for previously disadvantaged youth to receive sponsored training, with many going on to establish successful careers in the field and becoming champions.
“This programme provides a place where these young men can not only become part of the MMA family, offers a fun, productive and healthy pastime,” explains World of Warriors’ Grant Oliff. “We are grooming the next generation of athletes, who otherwise would not have had an opportunity to receive training. This would not be possible without the support and sponsorship of companies like RDB Consulting.”
Cerny says BEE cannot be built on equity ownership or employment equity alone, it is ultimately about creating wealth for South African citizens, as well as having diverse executive leadership within the organisation, launching skills and enterprise development initiatives and introducing job creation programmes.
“Transformation is about more than getting points on a scorecard. It is about socio-economic development, and helping those who don’t have access to opportunities. It’s also about allowing talent to shine by removing financial constraints,” says Cerny.
“One element that sets RDB apart from its competitors is our skills and business ethics. This has led us to develop a strong culture of equity and skills development that helps us deliver better value to our clients. RDB’s Level 2 status will also give us an advantage over businesses with lower ratings, as ICT customers will usually consider a supplier’s ratings before making purchasing decisions.”

RDB Consulting
RDB Consulting is an outsource and consulting company that specialises in five areas: relational databases, operating systems, database security, monitoring and enterprise resource planning. The company provides project management, solutions architecture, ongoing maintenance and key resource support services that cover Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, eBusiness Suite, Oracle Application Server, all flavours of UNIX, Linux and Windows Server.
RDB Consulting’s services are designed to provide businesses access to expert technical resources whether full-time, part-time, co-managed or via remote administration. The company’s growing list of blue chip clients bears testament to the fact that informed businesses recognise the benefits of selectively outsourcing specialist areas within their organisation that are not core to their business – leaving them to focus on what they do best, while RDB Consulting does the rest. 2 BEE status

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