How CRM Surveys Enhance Outsourcing Services

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an important part of a successful business model between outsourced service providers and their clients. Business clients demand a high level of service and they can easily switch to a different service provider if they feel their needs aren’t being met.

In order to find out if an outsourcing provider is meeting their clients’ needs, you need to engage with them to find out what you’re doing right and where you can improve. We have found that surveys can provide vital information that allows outsourcers to measure their value in the eyes of their clients.

Clients are often reluctant to fill out surveys, therefore the data obtained from such an initiative may be incomplete or inconclusive due to a lack of response. The reason why clients are reluctant to fill out these types of CRM questionnaires is because it is often seen as invasive as they tend to be time consuming to complete and include a lot of irrelevant detail.

To counter this, we developed a very short survey containing only four questions, which takes a matter of minutes to complete and highlights the important facts about our outsource service delivery from the client’s perspective. We deliver this survey in person to each of our clients to personalise the experience and ensure higher response levels.

RDB Consulting’s service delivery questionnaire is based on years of experience at understanding what is important to the client. It has been designed to obtain the facts that we need to know about our clients to improve our service levels and cross or up sell, without taking up more than is necessary of our clients’ valuable time.

The results

We adopted this survey model four years ago and we have been obtaining a very good response from our clients. By analysing the results we obtain, we are able to understand what we need to do to keep our clients happy, manage our clients’ expectations, and streamline our processes to deliver continuous service delivery improvements.

For our contractual clients, the fact that we conduct this short survey on an annual basis provides them with peace of mind, knowing that they have a regular means of communication with us to ensure we are meeting their anticipated levels of service and Service Level Agreement (SLA) targets. It also allows us to find out what the future needs of our clients may be, so that we can gear up for this in advance.

Managing client relationships and ensuring consistently high levels of service delivery are of the utmost importance in the modern, highly competitive business world, particularly for outsourced providers. RDB Consulting’s annual Service Delivery Survey illustrates our commitment delivering true, lasting and constantly improved client service across the board.

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