Antoinette Naude: Senior Database Consultant

Antoinette is one of the veterans here at RDB Consulting as she’s been a part of the team since mid-2008. As a Senior Database Consultant, Antoinette spends most of her time at one of our larger clients, MTN. She loves interacting with people from all teams at the client site and has been an invaluable asset on the MTN account for several years building long lasting relationships with her colleagues and management.

Antoinette is responsible for the reporting environment, daily operations and integration of new ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools. Besides ensuring that everything runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis, she is also responsible for data archiving, reporting on system health, system support, providing technical input and consulting as well as making sure that project deliverables are met.

Antoinette holds an ITUC entry-level programming certification and she is Oracle 11g OCA certified. She has been an Oracle consultant since 1999 and has seen many systems through from project inception to production environments. Before joining RDB Consulting, she worked for a number of companies in the retail, banking, media and telecoms industries. She has led many DBA teams and has been an integral part of many Oracle system implementations in a variety of IT departments.

What Antoinette enjoys most about working in the industry is the constant feed of new technologies and concepts to streamline and improve systems and workflows. She enjoys the continuous learning opportunities that the IT industry provides and she feels the technical abilities of her co-workers provide a great platform for collaboration. Antoinette is also well known for her great sense of humour and has been known to bring laughter and energy to the workplace.

While Antoinette always wanted to be involved in the IT industry, her true passion is her five-year-old daughter who keeps her on her toes. She enjoys spending time with friends, family and most importantly her daughter.

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