Anthony joined the RDB Consulting team in the beginning of 2011 and was promoted from SQL Server Database Administrator to SQL Server Team Leader early in 2012. Anthony’s job is to provide technical and strategic advice to clients about their current and future SQL server environments.

Anthony is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist and besides providing sound professional knowledge regarding SQL Servers, he also manages customer relations and is tasked with proposing and building new solutions that strengthen the SQL Server base of clients at RDB Consulting.

Anthony is also the team leader on one of our internal projects – RDB Consulting’s very own SQL Server test environment. This project has been initiated to alleviate the “less practice, more time” problem that most junior DBA’s encounter. The goal of this new testing environment is twofold: to provide a smooth transition across the long learning curve to new DBA’s and to provide a platform for experienced DBA’s to test new technologies.

Anthony currently oversees a team of DBA’s and he is always on the prowl to find new technologies, useful tools and form alliances with local and international DBA’s.

Before joining RDB Consulting, Anthony was a junior Oracle PL/SQL developer at Timeworx Consulting where he was involved in the development of web based applications and systems development in Oracle APEX (Application Express). He has been involved in developing ad-hoc web applications using Microsoft’s .NET framework and C# (his preferred programming language). It was during his time at Timeworx Consulting where he realised how much he enjoyed Microsoft technologies and began to feel the need for greater exposure to the IT world. Anthony has his mother – who is a qualified MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) – to thank for his career choice as she was the reason he got involved in the IT industry.

Anthony is an avid tennis player and he also enjoys powerboat racing.

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