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Risk Management

Database Risk Management assessments and planning

Threats to a database can come from any direction and in any form, whether Human error, Natural Disasters, Hardware failures or even simple misunderstandings. Risk mitigation needs to cover all possible threats, including information theft, by either preventing it or having a reaction plan in place if it occurs thereby restricting the loss. Living in the Information Age means the very survival of a business is dependant on the information they have and the availability of that information.

RDB will asses your database environment and implement procedures and practices that will mitigate virtually any database risk. RDB makes use of its own in-house developed procedures as well as features built into the database software such as Flashback Technology, Log Mining, RAC, Logical and Physical DataGuard, Auditing as well as foolproof backup and recovery strategies.

The follow areas are covered by RDB’s database risk management:
  1. Backup and Recovery strategies.
  2. RAC design and implementation.
  3. DR thought DataGuard implementation and automation for both physical and logical standby databases.
  4. HA database design and set-up.
  5. Vendor HA product consulting in partnership with vendor.
  6. Database Resource Manager set-up, implementation.
  7. User SLA configuring and implementation.
  8. User security management (passwords, roles, profile).
  9. Database security management.
  10. UNIX security consulting.
  11. Fine grained access control.
  12. DDL triggers for auditing and reporting.
  13. SYS or DBA auditing and reporting.
  14. Flashback recovery and query protection procedures.
  15. Log Miner protection procedures.
  16. Change control procedures
  17. Test/UAT environment management – a true reflection of production
  18. Test/UAT security
  19. Archiving strategies
  20. Performance Tuning

So true are the old adages “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and “Prevention is better than cure”

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