Sandile Ndaba,ICT, PRASA

”RDB Consulting have consistently provided high-levels of service to Intersite and PRASA Cres through their Oracle database, state of the art database management technology as well as their competent, professional, more

RDB Consulting partners with Europe-based LOGIT

RDB Consulting has announced that it will be providing database-related services to LOGIT, a prominent provider of software engineering, R&D and consulting services based in Belgrade, Serbia.

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How safe is your database from threats? – RDB partners with Oracle for Database Security

Database security is an area that has been neglected both internationally and within the South African market. One only has to look at the Wikileaks scandal to see just how vulnerable the database can be. You need to have the right checks and balances in place to secure the database, because unscrupulous people will always exploit any vulnerability for their own gain. Information has become the currency of today’s world, and database security is of the utmost importance when it comes to safeguarding this wealth from theft and data loss,...

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Proactive monitoring is essential for the modern database environment

Many issues have the ability to affect a company’s database performance, and these points of failure represent a serious threat to the business continuity and viability of an enterprise. If downtime of the database is experienced for any reason, organisations face the reality of losing customers because they are unable to provide services, which means lost income and unacceptable levels of risk for the business. More often than not, however, these potentially damaging incidents can be prevented through proactive monitoring of the database,...

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