Douw De LeeuwHead : Service Management - SASFIN Bank

Sasfin inherited RDB as a support vendor. Since the start of the engagement the RDB team has been professional in the approach to communication and support. They understood that more

RDB Consulting assists the CCMA with database management and maintenance

Early in 2011, the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation & Arbitration (CCMA) issued a closed tender to find a suitable partner that could provide a database management service. While the organisation had previously engaged with a number of companies for their database management and support requirements, they continuously experienced problems with their response time and the outsourcing providers often didn’t have the appropriate skills for the CCMA’s environment. RDB Consulting was chosen based on their track record, expertise, skills...

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CRM surveys can help outsource service providers

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an important part of a successful business model between outsourced service providers and their clients. Business clients demand a high level of service and they can easily switch to a different service provider if they feel their needs aren’t being met. In order to find out if an outsourcing provider is meeting their clients’ needs, you need to engage with them to find out what you’re doing right and where you can improve. We have found that surveys can provide vital information that allows...

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