Ben Gounden,IT Manager, Bank of Athens

”I have high regards towards RDB Consulting. We’ve been their clients since 1999, hence I have a hands-on experience with the company. Over the years RDB has grown from more

New Oracle patch levels released in April

By Gerrit-Jan Albers, Service Delivery Manager at RDB Consulting   Oracle regularly releases critical patch updates. These patches are created to resolve a bug or glitch in the system, or to increase the security and effectiveness of the system. It’s important to take note of these updates because it can have an impact on how the applications and databases will react to different vulnerabilities. If you fail to apply new Oracle patches, your system could be left vulnerable to attacks or threats. The new critical patch update contains 88 new...

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Reduce Ongoing Costs with Open-source Software

The challenging economic climate has caused many organisations’ IT budgets to shrink, making it harder for them to adopt new technologies that increase efficiency and output. Proprietary software can eat into an organisation’s ICT budget – they’re expensive to buy and the annual licensing fees are an ongoing expense. Another challenge that propriety software poses is the fact that integrating these tools can lead to compatibility issues – not to mention the costs associated with application integration. In this environment, open-source...

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