Goodluck Madisa, HSRC, Head of System Development

”Your excellent service cannot be expressed fully with words but can be experienced fully with a smile of satisfaction. Excellent services is rare in our country, here at HSRC more

Rudi Palvie: Senior Database Consultant – Team Leader

Rudi joined the RDB Consulting team in September 2009 and as a Senior Database Consultant, his job is to focus on project implementations. Rudi works closely with our Database Consultants on completing installations and configuration new systems (predominantly clustered database solutions, system and data migrations, development and enhancements of PL/SQL programs). On any given day, you can find Rudi providing Oracle Database support such as doing daily database health checks and handling any ad hoc problems for our clients. Rudi has been...

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Ongoing development and international exposure for RDB in 2012

Most database consulting companies like to think of themselves as “innovative” and “forward-thinking”, but being cutting-edge in the ICT industry means that you continuously need to push yourself. Not only do you need to adapt easily and welcome new technology and changes with open arms, but you also need to give your staff the tools, training and freedom they need to take their own skills to the next level. Every year, our budget allows for some of our consultants to travel and meet other thought leaders in the industry. They usually return...

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New Year, new challenges, new people

RDB Consulting hit the ground running in 2012. We’re already one month into the New Year and I’m excited about all the challenges and opportunities that 2012 is bringing to the table. The good news is that even though we’re operating in a declining economy, RDB as an organisation is growing at a steady pace.  Since the beginning of the year, we have received more contracts from existing clients and we have also welcomed a few new clients who we look forward to working with. Some of our existing clients are also adding more of our services to...

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Trevor Bezuidenhout – Principal Database Consultant

Trevor is an Oracle Certified Professional (10G and 11G) and he is the Principal Database Consultant at RDB Consulting. While he is often called in to help our other consultants on various projects, his main priority is delivering an outstanding service to one of our biggest clients – Vodacom. Trevor’s involvement is key in some of Vodacom’s products such as Vodafone Live, Mobile Banking and Vodacom’s Content Management System. He also provides SME input to new developments and planned projects at Vodacom. Trevor joined RDB in 2008 and he has...

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Is NoSQL the answer to Big Data?

It is a pleasure to introduce guest blogger, Alain MICHEL, business advisor to RDB Consulting. I remember fifteen years ago, the data world was simple. Part of my job was to deliver productivity web applications to the business. Every time I went to our software engineers, they gave me a choice so to speak: ‘any architecture you want, as long as it is three-tier architecture; and you may select the storage tier from this list: RDBMS. Fast forward to today: mobility and connectivity are spreading fast and the number of connected devices has...

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