Anton Giacometti,Head: IT Services and Support, Ubank

”RDB has been supporting our database environments (Oracle, Sybase and SQL Server) since 2003 and we have established an excellent working relationship since day one. They are true more

Reduce Ongoing Costs with Open-source Software

The challenging economic climate has caused many organisations’ IT budgets to shrink, making it harder for them to adopt new technologies that increase efficiency and output. Proprietary software can eat into an organisation’s ICT budget – they’re expensive to buy and the annual licensing fees are an ongoing expense. Another challenge that propriety software poses is the fact that integrating these tools can lead to compatibility issues – not to mention the costs associated with application integration. In this environment, open-source...

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Outsourcers should provide IT on tap

Outsourcing IT has become an important part of many corporate business models. Specialised technical IT skills are in high demand, but in short supply and it often happens that companies can’t afford to hire full time resources to administer each and every aspect of the IT environment. Besides the fact that these skills are expensive and hard to come by, the jobs that need to be performed are often not full time tasks to begin with. As a result, companies turn to outsourced IT service providers, who have these skills on tap. However,...

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