Nikola Domazet is an Oracle Database Consultant at RDB Consulting. He is an Oracle 11g Certified Professional and is currently studying towards Oracle Security Certification.

Since beginning his career at RDB Consulting, Nikola has supported a number of clients including SANRAL and Fintech. This has provided him with extensive experience working with Oracle and most Operating Systems. Nikola is also part of the RDB Consulting team based on-site at Vodacom South Africa supporting a large number of databases with different applications, versions and platforms. He also conducts routine health checks on all systems, providing 24-hour standby support for all Vodacom’s databases.

Through his work at RDB Consulting, Nikola has discovered a passion for security, having conducted numerous security audits for most RDB Consulting clients. He believes that security is critical, and enjoys this aspect of his work which is to keep his clients’ data safe and secure from multiple threats. Nikola enjoys the dynamic nature of the security environment and the constant challenge of keeping one step ahead of hackers who are equipped with ever more sophisticated hardware and tools.

Nikola loves learning new things and is constantly looking to improve his knowledge of the IT, Security and Database space. IT is the ideal environment for this as it is constantly evolving which keeps his job interesting and challenging.

When not focused on databases and security, Nikola enjoys boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA). He trains at Alan Toweel’s Boxing Gym, where he is coached by Alan himself. He also practices Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu at World of Warriors. He will be competing in amateur boxing and MMA tournaments next year.

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