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Remote Database Monitoring Services

Ask an organisation’s exco what their experience is with databases and their accompanying operating systems, and the majority are oblivious of what you’re talking about; however they quickly state that they don’t want to have problems with them. That’s why proficient monitoring of your databases and operating systems is becoming more critical, especially in our knowledge based economy. Why not be one step ahead of your problems and monitor your databases 24 hours a day? In this way problems can be recognised at their infancy and be solved before downtime occurs – assuring maximum-uptime performance.

Using our custom built products, RDB is geared to monitor your databases 24/7. We supply you with proactive and reactive monitoring; in this way we don’t only solve problems for you but have preventative measures before glitches occur. Rounding off this service we also maintain your database environment.

Why outsource Remote Database Monitoring?

Most companies are experiencing a general lack of skills, not to mention the high cost of finding and keeping ICT specialists. If your core business is not database and/or Operating System management, hence why not outsource to a firm that does specialise in this core function, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Benefits of outsourcing to RDB
  • RDB are certified specialists
  • Knowledge management due to full documentation of the site
  • Stable and predictable resource skills
  • Elimination of frustrating HR issues
  • Lower all-inclusive costs (no holidays, sick leave, bonuses & training)
  • Elimination of single-point failure
  • Proactive monitoring and alarm triggering
  • Monthly site reports
  • 24/7 stand-by with complete escalation procedures (optional)
  • Direct access to RDB’s resources and superior technical skills


With RDB you are guaranteed of comprehensive DBA support for your most important systems and databases, without having to hire a fulltime DBA yourself.


Remote or onsite, RDB have highly skills staff available who can assist you in an emergency. With help from direct access to all your systems we will search for the smallest glitches to prevent those large catastrophes. If your production database is down and you don’t know who to contact, speak to RDB directly to solve the setback.

Oracle Support

Our outsourcing service covers all aspects of Oracle database control; not only standard Oracle but if required, Oracle application and products from third parties: SAP, Xcare, JD Edwards, etc, or even customised solutions.

Oracle Support & Maintenance Contracts

At the onset we do a full database audit and health check. After which we immediately identify, report and correct these recognized pitfalls, immediately offers you a return on investment. Purchased upfront, discounted hourly maintenance and upgraded packages are recommended.

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