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ITWeb : The care and feeding of Databases

Press Release: The care and feeding of databases

By Jaroslav Cerny, CEO of RDB Consulting.
Johannesburg, 28 Jun 2013

As organisations ponder how to make themselves more agile, through the adoption of cloud computing and Web technologies, one critical aspect of their infrastructure still demands attention: the database. Underneath all of the business services we take for granted today are databases; if they go down, today’s connected business stops immediately rather than simply grinding to a halt.

“The database is perhaps the single most important piece of technology infrastructure in any modern organisation,” says Jaroslav Cerny, CEO of RDB Consulting. “If it’s not working, then business doesn’t work and you lose money and reputation. In today’s global environment, database uptime is more critical than ever.”

But in-house database skills are expensive, hard to come by and won’t necessarily be available 24×7, points out Cerny. “And simply having more than one resource available is potentially wasteful if there isn’t enough work to keep both occupied. Using temporary staff to fill in when a full-time resource is not available is one option, but is not always a cost-effective one. Temporary staff are usually charged for at a premium, and furthermore, they don’t understand the client’s environment, which may hinder productivity and support ability.”

He says the convergence of these three problems: the need for extremely reliable database services, the pressure of 100% uptime, and the shortage of people who can make that happen means many organisations are turning to specialist outsourcers.

“Making sure a modern database is properly designed, tuned and 100% operational is not the core business of most companies. It is far more cost-effective and much less risky to outsource it to a specialist who has the resources, knowledge and ability to keep up with trends while ensuring business needs are met.”

On the design side, Cerny points out that every database environment is unique.

“Information-processing requirements across applications, databases and corporations are never the same. One size does not fit all: OLTP, batch, hybrid and data warehouse environments have very specific processing requirements, not to mention that each organisation is different. The database design needs to take this into account while also incorporating the high-tech features modern database engines such as Oracle offer. Ensuring suitable database design will enable a business to achieve the maximum benefit from its database software investment.”

And once a database is in place, keeping problems at bay is essential, a strategy best served by remote monitoring and pre-emptive fault detection. “When a specialist monitors your databases 24 hours a day, problems can be recognised and solved before downtime occurs,” Cerny concludes.


About RDB Consulting

RDB Consulting is an outsource and consulting company that specialises in five areas: relational databases, operating systems, database security, monitoring and enterprise resource planning. The company provides project management, solutions architecture, ongoing maintenance and key resource support services that cover Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, eBusiness Suite, Oracle Application Server, all flavours of UNIX, Linux and Windows Server.

Its services are designed to provide businesses access to expert technical resources whether full time, part time, co-managed or via remote administration. Its growing list of blue-chip clients bears testament to the fact that informed businesses recognise the benefits of selectively outsourcing specialist areas within their organisation that are not core to their business – leaving them to focus on what they do best, while it does the rest.


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