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DBA, Linux and UNIX administration co-sourcing

With a lot of SME’s it is not often cost effective to employ more than one resource who has highly specialised database or O/S administration skills. In some cases there may not be enough of a challenge or work load to retain experienced resources. The loss of such a skilled individual would create a huge gap within an organisation and expose it to a significant amount of risk.

Typically an organisation with a mature, stable environment of low work load can manage day to day operational and administrative issues quite easily with a junior to intermediate resource. However, an organisation would still be at risk in situations where in-depth knowledge and experience is required such as High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Performance Tuning and critical problem solving or recovery scenarios.

RDB can offer the perfect solution for an organisation in this position, by offering co-managed outsourcing where the client employs the resource required for the day to day administration of the database or O/S, while RDB provides supplementary resources and the highly experienced and knowledgeable consulting skills when they are required.

Benefits of co-managed outsourcing

  • Single resource risk eliminated
  • Access to supplementary resources when required
  • Access to highly experienced and knowledgeable consulting skills.
  • Knowledge retention.
  • Huge cost saving by not having to employ duplicate skill sets
  • Huge cost saving by not having to employ highly skilled resources.
  • Skills transfer.

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