Potlaki Maine,General Manager-IT, SABC

”RDB has been a trusted advisor and consulting/support provider to SABC in the key areas of database support since 2009; the quality of their work speaks volumes to their more

Outsourcing database management and maintenance: The debate rages on

Many companies were quick to adopt the database management outsourcing model in recent years as its popularity climbed alongside an increasingly volatile market. Some have benefitted from this enormously, but others have had a less than satisfactory experience, finding frustrations around every corner and inciting them to repatriate services. As such, the ‘outsource versus in-house’ debate has been reignited. There are three main drivers for businesses to outsource: Cost containment A shortage of skills To focus on the...

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Proactive monitoring is essential for the modern database environment

Many issues have the ability to affect a company’s database performance, and these points of failure represent a serious threat to the business continuity and viability of an enterprise. If downtime of the database is experienced for any reason, organisations face the reality of losing customers because they are unable to provide services, which means lost income and unacceptable levels of risk for the business. More often than not, however, these potentially damaging incidents can be prevented through proactive monitoring of the database,...

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